What Is A Gambling Addiction?

Gambling is usually defined as any activity in which an individual believes that he/she will 안전놀이터 win something in return for some sort of expenditure (e.g., gambling money, etc.). Gambling is the placing of something of value, typically with an uncertain final outcome with the intention of winning something else of equal value. The act of gambling involves thinking, which is a more difficult concept than the definition, therefore it is more accurate to say that gambling involves the anticipation of an unexpected result based upon statistical probability.

Problem gambling is a form of addiction, where repeated gambling behavior over an extended period of time develops into a problem. Problem gambling addicts may have numerous reasons for engaging in gambling activities. They may need to manage anxiety or depression, feel threatened by loss, seek a solution to boredom or a sense of purpose in their lives, feel a need to assert themselves through gambling, or simply seek excitement. Regardless of the reason, problem gambling can be problematic due to the negative influence it has over one’s life, work, schoolwork, and social relationships.

Problem gambling addiction is a very real addiction just like alcohol or drug addiction. Just as those who suffer from those addictions can not seem to control their behavior, those who are gambling addicts do not know how to stop. Unfortunately, once gambling addiction develops, it often cannot be conquered without the assistance of medications, therapy, or jail. In fact, if an addict were able to get clean and sober, they would probably have difficulty stopping gambling once again.

Problem gambling addiction takes on many forms and names. It can take the form of a dependency on gambling, shopping, food, sex, work, drugs, shopping, internet, gambling, fantasy, competition, luck, team affiliation, betting, sports gaming, online games, etc. The list can go on indefinitely. In order for an addiction to develop, there must be an obsession with something or someone, an emotional need, a high expectation (that something will happen or will become possible), and a dependence upon the object or person that is the addiction.

Problem gambling addiction is very serious because it destroys all of the normal pleasures and is often associated with a lot of financial problems and sometimes even criminal activity. Gambling can destroy marriages and cause people to carry mortgages out of their own pocket. Gambling leads to drinking and can even lead to drug and alcohol abuse. Gambling is a leading cause of death in our country today. Many gamblers get involved with illegal activities to support their habit.

Many gamblers make the mistake of thinking that the uncertainty of the outcome is a good thing. Those who are gambling do not understand that when you gamble you put yourself into a position where you could potentially lose a significant amount of money. While placing a bet on a horse race can mean losing a lot of money, it also means that you could end up winning that money if the horse wins. It is much more difficult to lose money betting on horses than it is to win money. The uncertainty of the outcome is actually what attracts gamblers, not the possibility of losing money.


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